Coldstone Spirit of the Faded Pages (Eng

Coldstone Spirit of the Faded Pages (English Edition)
The days of magic are long since past. In the sleepy town of Dounaton three girls on the cusp of adulthood are wondering which direction life will take them. Little do they know what fate and the Coldstone have in store. The story takes place in the deep, believable fantasy world of Ardiea where the people have spirits, balls of silver-golden light that guide them through their darkest moments and through a world with magic, politics, inherited gifts, kings, enemies, religions and powers.

Searah, Kaytee and Reacca are just moving into adulthood, but as the story starts, secrets about Searah’s family, her links to magic and an unwanted inheritance hang over their normal lives, waiting for the opportunity to strike. Our heroines will learn that magic isn’t the only trial they must face as they take their first steps away from home.


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