Korean: 101 Common Phrases (English Edition)

Korean: 101 Common Phrases (English Edition)

Korean: 101 Common Phrases

Are you planning a trip to Korea?

Would you love a few choice Korean phrases to enhance your experience?

A great way to get a little further under the skin of a country is to learn a little of the local language. A little effort goes a long way in South Korea.

This isn't full immersion, it's more like dipping your toe in the culture which will enable you to, among other things, be polite and respectful to your hosts, barter for souvenirs and communicate during emergencies.

Chapters include:

1. Basic Phrases & Greetings

2. Language & Communication

3. Shopping & Money

4. Transportation

5. Eating & Drinking

6. Directions

7. Sightseeing

8. Accommodation

9. Health & Emergencies

10. Basic Numbers


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